We stock Radio-EnergieWe service electric and electronics for commercial ships

Based on the navigational instrumentations of Ateliers Julien (Bianchetti since 1822), BEN Marine was created in 1962 with a focus on developing electromagnetic Speed Logs and Debimeters.

BEN Marine has since imposed itself in the civil and military industry as a market leader and holds a strong position in both domestic sales and exports alike.

BEN Marine offers its products & services in partnership with Amesys International.

For more information, please visit the BEN Marine website

For any inquiries please contact us:
Ph: (+64-9) 4147217 (24 hrs / 7 days)
Fax: (+64-9) 4147218
Email: admin@electrodynamics.co.nz

We are BEN Marine's official New Zealand Dealers. With years of experience of designing, building and supporting systems, we offer a complete service of:
  • Fault finding for new and old technology
  • Repair or replace
  • Commissioning
  • Upgrades
  • Installation

The combination of in-depth technical expertise coupled with years of experience in the whole spectrum of industries make Electro Dynamics your natural choice for support.

  • Fast response
  • Competitive rates

Our success has come from years of "hands on" practical background, backed by formal education and training both in NZ and overseas.

Product Range:
Civil Range   Military Range

Civil Range

  • Electromagnetic Speed Log
  • Sensors and Hull Fitting
  • Econometer
  • Repeater
  • Accelerometer
  • R.O.V.

Military Range (Not limited to)

  • Compass
  • Leakage detection system
  • Flow measurement system

BEN Marine has a presence in 39 countries with 64 distributor agents and 12 service partners worldwide.

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