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SUBSEA TECH Sarl is an engineering company based in Marseilles (France) specialized in the design, the fabrication and the sale / rental of intervention and instrumentation systems for underwater and marine applications, for Oil & Gas, Naval, and Defence industries, as well as for underwater civil works and scientific laboratories.

Subsea Tech offers :

  • Economical and technical feasibility studies, consultancy services, technical assistance
  • Detailed studies, including mechanics, electrical and control systems for underwater / marine instrumentation and intervention systems
  • Fabrication, assembly and trials (workshop and sea trials) of such systems
  • Rental of mini ROV and pilots, for inspection and intervention down to 150 m water depth

For more information, please visit the SubseaTech website

For any inquiries please contact us:
Ph: (+64-9) 4147217 (24 hrs / 7 days)
Fax: (+64-9) 4147218
Email: admin@electrodynamics.co.nz

We are SubseaTech's official New Zealand Dealers. With years of experience of designing, building and supporting systems, we offer a complete service of:
  • Fault finding for new and old technology
  • Repair or replace
  • Commissioning
  • Upgrades
  • Installation

The combination of in-depth technical expertise coupled with years of experience in the whole spectrum of industries make Electro Dynamics your natural choice for support.

  • Fast response
  • Competitive rates

Our success has come from years of "hands on" practical background, backed by formal education and training both in NZ and overseas.

Product Range:

Mini ROV

Teleoperated catamaran

Thickness gauges

Acoustic cameras

Visibility enhancement

Underwater connectors

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